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A lot of things have been going on for me right now, and it all has been stressful. To begin, we (being my fiance, our friend and I) managed to get an apartment. For my fiance and I it is in a different state but in a more populated and better area than we are in now, for our friend it was just about five minutes away with traffic. But to continue on, we got the apartment and security deposit was paid and whatnot. So my fiance and I went back home, and we were greeted by a note our landlord/friend had left for us. It upset me pretty bad due to content and also how worried I had been previously about things because of other things that I still have no idea if they were related or not. Either way, the note was in regards to our dog, so the good news about finding somewhere to move to was kind of shadowed by that. I ended up taking our dog and most of my things and going to stay at my parents until we made the bigger move. It also saved me some money as I didn't need to pay rent till the move.

Well shortly after that, I was upset again about something (that will be a recurring thing here as I am apparently just too overly emotional) and ended up cutting a curb too tight and pulled a hole in my tire. I've already been having problems with the thing, keeping me from getting it inspected, not to mention I was pulled over a good while back and got a ticket for the dead inspection sticker. So I was upset about the tire, having to pay 70+ dollars on that but got it fixed.

Well, we got our things moved and my fiance and our friend moved into the apartment. Me wanting to be nice and help my manager out, decided to give her a month before I quit so that she could get people hired and take the open spots. Keeping in mind, I used to love working there but slowly I have begun to hate it. It just kinda wore on to that point, just dealing with everything. Well, if it weren't for that I could have already been moved and living with them. Recently, due to things going on at work, a coworker went off on me pretty bad for things that were outside of my job, things that weren't my place but management's job to take care of, well more or less. Well taking into account how things have been going for me, and also that earlier in the week I was pulled over again and made late for said job, it really upset me and I ended up crying. 

The entire point of this rant was to get this out and also to just say, I feel like this area has become semi-toxic to me. I hate I job I used to love because of the general public, and people that I considered friends have upset me so badly. If all things happen for a reason, what is the reason for all of this to happen? I know I could have it a lot worse and other people do have it worse, but sometimes I need to vent and rant and just wonder about things.

Now, on a totally unrelated note, why dies Resident Evil have ridiculously strange door sequences? Like the door opening animation. It is so weird. Also apparently Devil May Cry has similar effects as it was supposed to be Resident Evil 4 but was scrapped and remade into a different game franchise. At least I think it was 4, I'm not fully certain at this point. It is almost two in the morning, I worked, and I have to drive little over an hour tomorrow to get to the apartment.

I'm looking forward to a remake of Final Fantasy 7. Pretty sure I heard that that was a thing. Not fully certain but meh. Also need to get a PS Vita cause I pre-ordered a game for it. I wanted the artbook and soundtrack for it, the game is Corpse Party Blood Drive. I'm looking forward to that game. Another I want is actually Until Dawn. I watched a playthrough of it and love that game. It is interesting and psychological and semi-twisted. I say watched but it was more of played it while falling asleep. Have yet to have strange dreams caused by that though. Fell asleep watching Silent Hill games a few nights. 

Actually, I had a dream and it was a slightly happy dream, but weird all the same. There was a decently big goldfish, and it could talk to me, and it couldn't swim. Well it was convinced it couldn't swim, But I held it in my hands in the water and it was swimming and I was happy. Better than the nightmare I had were people got in my car and I couldn't get them out and they started to kick things and freak me out. Why that actually freaked me out so bad I'll never actually know. Oh well. I should really go to bed, now I am just rambling.

I was born a ramblin man~ I can't remember the name of that song. You know, sometimes, when I write like this, it is a glimpse into how my mind actually works and forms thoughts. Though, I think I may be the only one who can see any correlation between any of these topics. If anyone else can, I would be surprised. I think the only think that might be more disjointed would be when I am thinking on some idea and just writing to keep track. Statements, questions and random little blurbs flung all over a paper. Normally paper, I like to write with a pencil or pen. More so pens now than pencils, they are so smooth to write with.

I'm done. Bye.
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"Am I hurting? Am I sad? Should I stay, or should I go?
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